Consulting & Advisory

Designed to ensure Business Value Improvement and Sustainability

  • Business Assurance
  • Information Systems Assurance and Audit Implementations
  • Management Systems and ICT Project Management

Business Assurance

Information Security, Cyber Resilience Strategies, Planning and Implementation

Pressure is mounting on Organizations. Legislative and regulatory requirements mean management and Board must show that they are managing and protecting their information appropriately.

Customers are eager to know the level of protection Businesses have put in place to safe guard their information and Investors need to ascertain the amount of protection put in place to safe guard their investments.

In today’s world, a cyber-breach is inevitable. Your level of cyber resilience determines if you will bend or break after an attack.

BCS can help

We will deploy experts and international best practice frameworks to ensue information is protected, Business Risk minimized and continuity established and maintained while safe guarding customer privacy.

BCS Mitigate the impact of cyber disruption with an orchestrated resilience approach that helps identify risks, protect applications and data and rapidly recover it.


Our cyber services aim to:

IDENTIFY risks and vulnerabilities

Pinpoint business-critical applications / Information assets and their associated risks, analyze the potential business impact of disruption and assess business continuity and disaster recovery readiness.


PROTECT your applications and data

Safeguard business-critical applications and data before they are exploited, using data protection technologies


DETECT data corruption and configuration anomalies

Quickly find changes in system configuration files using automated testing and verification of backed-up data to help trigger rapid response and reduce downtime.


RECOVER access to critical applications and data

Rebuild mission-critical business applications, restore data from backup and rapidly and reliably recover IT systems from cyber incidents.

HELP implement controls to reduce the identified GAP

Information Systems Assurance and Audit Implementations

BCS IT Assurance projects begins with a robust IT risk assessment review or implementation followed by a development of an IT audit plan to identify key controls. Varying levels of reviews include:

  • IT general controls reviews
  • IT business processes and application controls reviews
  • IT governance assessments
  • IT project assurance reviews
  • Development of IT policies, procedures and standards
  • IT human resources availability and skill analysis to determine gaps

The objective is to determine the effectiveness of IT operations and to ensure Business Objectives are aligned with IT operations to in the protection of information assets.

ICT Project Management

ICT projects could be complex. We will lay it bare and you concentrate on core functions. Together, we will deliver low cost, high-end computing solutions effectively and rapidly!

Building an ICT infrastructure could be daunting, changing major ICT investments more tasking. Our project management service is designed to help businesses overcome the maze of choosing appropriate technology to leverage the business for competitive delivery of superior services.

We do this by providing comprehensive, well researched and independent advisory services on  a wide range of ICT solutions built on the robust project management body of knowledge coupled with our several years of ICT experience cutting across industries and specializations.

Your projects will be delivered

  • Professionally
  • On time and On budget
  • Best of breed deployed based on best practices.
  • Meeting defined business requirement

Management Systems

ITSM and I.T Governance

  • I.T Strategies, Policies and Procedures implementation
  • I.C.T staff head hunting and Talent Sourcing

MANAGED Business Processes

The processes of the Company, how they were created, organized and ran determines the sustainability of the Business. The Processes are the DNA of the business.

Processes are identified, examined and filtered with the view to stream lining them for efficient service delivery.  Each streamlined process is then bench-marked for I.C.T utilization.

Human capacity availability and quality is examined and recommendations for improvement documented.